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                English Teaching Vacancies at Xianyang Vocational & Technical College , China

                日期:2019-04-22  |  作者:  |  阅读:


                    Are you a Native English Speaker with interests in teaching in China? If so, there are English teaching vacancies available at Xianyang Vocational & Technical College in Shaanxi, China.

                Successful candidates will gain valuable teaching experience overseas and an unforgettable life experience with a rewarding job.


                TeachingModules:Spoken English; English Writing, English Literature; Anglo-American Culture, etc.

                Workload:18teaching hours per week;50 minutes per teaching hour for three-year college students aged 18-22; about 45 students per class.

                Contract Duration:Two semesters, one year.


                Free Accommodation:Fully-furnished one bedroom apartment,including computer, free Wi-Fi, digital TV, washing machine, heating,air conditioner, shower,toiletas well as free utilities.

                Salary:starting from 8000 RMB per monthplus free insurance.

                Vacation:Paid vacations including summer vacation, winter vacation between semesters and all the public holidays in China.

                Other:Free round-tripeconomy classair ticket from home country to China


                    1.Bachelor’s degree and above

                    2.Native English speaker

                    3.With a certificate ofTefl、TesolorTesl

                    4.At least two years teaching experience

                    5.Enthusiastic, dedicated, responsible, and genuine interest in teaching and education

                For further information and application, please contact:

                Tel: +86-29-3358-9360

                Fax: +86-29-3368-0002